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There’s something about the simplicity of iced tea that makes it perfect for summer. Whether you go the slow route of making it on the porch in a ray of sun, or if you boil a few bags of Lipton on the stovetop and shove in as many ice cubes as a pitcher will hold, it’s one of those simple, very good things.

One summer when I was growing up it was the best treat to make a glass of iced tea with fresh mint and vanilla syrup. I would putter around the yard with my own vague intentions, usually holing up somewhere to read, while my parents made actual headway in the garden or in yardwork or house repairs. Some days I’d be called to scrub down the porch, water the plants, wash the windows. Other days I would be the sole picker of what seemed like endless rows…

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Halva Balls




2 Tablespoons raw honey

2 Tablespoons tahini (hulled)

1 Tablespoon activated almonds- chopped

Sesame seeds to roll in


Mix honey and tahini together, aim for smooth consistency, toss through chopped almonds.

Then roll into little balls, and give them one roll in the sesame seeds.

Then pop them in the fridge and let them set. Use these for a mid-morning snack or a tasty, guilt free dessert. Yummo!

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Broccolini and Pumpkin Mac+Cheese

Finger, Fork & Knife

A wholesome bowl of pasta featuring sturdy little orecchiette ears enveloped in a light two-cheese yoghurt sauce, and flecked with a medley of mustard seeds, nuggets of roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and lemon zest. Topped with a crunchy crust made from sourdough bread, broccolini and parsley whizzed in a processor with a lug of olive oil. It’s my take on mac+cheese and simply perfect for a drizzly autumn evening.

1 small butternut pumpkin, peeled, seeded and chopped into small cubes

Good quality olive oil

½ bunch flat-leaf parsley, stems removed

1 thick slice of sourdough bread, stale or dried out in the oven

2 bunches of broccolini, heads roughly chopped, hard woody stems removed

2 tbsp thick Greek yoghurt

¼ cup good quality goat’s cheese

¼ cup fresh mozzarella, shredded or torn

2 cups cherry tomatoes

1½ cups dried orecchiette pasta

2 tsp wholegrain mustard

Sea salt

Freshly ground black…

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Quinoa Porridge with Almond Milk, Rhubarb, Apple, Nuts + Coconut

Finger, Fork & Knife

As life seems to hurry by we often forget to nurture and nourish ourselves properly. Yes, you can pep yourself up with multi-vitamins and relieve cold and flu symptoms with paracetamol but I don’t believe there to be anything more powerful for the promotion of health than what you put into your mouth.

The kitchen can be your health spa, your medicine cabinet and the heart or your health if you let it.

For a little inspiration I thought I’d share my favourite cold weather breakfast. Apple and rhubarb are cooked and spiked with orange, ginger and vanilla and are piled on top of nut-studded quinoa that has been gently simmered in almond milk and cinnamon. Served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, honey and coconut, this bowl of goodness will fill you up and have you smiling from ear to ear.

Quinoa Porridge with Almond Milk, Rhubarb, Apple, Nuts and Coconut

For the rhubarb:

2 stalks rhubarb, cleaned and…

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Pumpkin + Pancetta Brown Rice Risotto with Water Buffalo Yoghurt

Finger, Fork & Knife

There is nothing more lovely and lulling than gently stirring a big pot of nourishing, oozy risotto, watching the little grains of rice swell up and get gorgeously plump. Another one of my favourite winter things is the combination of sweet roasted pumpkin, smoky pancetta or bacon with parsley and lemon. It is a flavour combination that works so well in so many different dishes – in a big green salad, on top of a wood fired pizza, or even in a soup.

In this recipe, nutty brown rice is used in place of traditional Arborio rice. A brown rice base is lifted with white wine, smoky pancetta, pumpkin and leek, lots of parsley, lemon, Parmesan and finished with a dollop of water buffalo milk yoghurt. Delicious and highly nutritious, this is my take on a winter warmer classic that is sure to kill the winter blues.

Pumpkin, Pancetta Brown Rice Risotto

350g butternut pumpkin…

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