Fave fat-burning work-out — outdoor/indoor
Interval sprints: Do one or two sets of interval sprints on grass or soft sand. Have a 20-second sprint followed by a 10-second rest. Repeat eight times. It’s insanely harder than you think and one set is usually enough.

Rest three to five minutes.

medicine ball squats: place your feet slightly wider than hip-width. squat down while holding the medicine ball out in front of you (make sure its not too heavy otherwise you are putting yourself at risk of tearing muscles ect)

Rest for three minutes.

You may wish to do another set of squats.

this work-out will not take you a long time to complete but they are intense so avoid overdoing it!

Get an assessment by an exercise professional before commencing any high-intensity or advanced weight training programs. This includes the exercises suggested above!


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