The Joy and Glory of Mexican Food

I was preparing myself to be surprised by the food of Mexico.

I had a feeling the Americanized– crunchy tacos with ground hamburger, shredded yellow cheese, iceburg lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, sour cream, tortilla chips and jars of chunky red salsa, etc.–had little to do with the real food from a country with a cultural tradition hundreds of years rich.

My expectations were exceeded. So many things make Mexico a spectacular place to visit–with food nearing the top of the list. It´s no surprise to me that Mexican food was named by UNESCO as an ¨intangible cultural heritage of mankind¨ and  a ¨human treasure.¨ Here are a few of my Mexican food highlights…

You haven’t had tacos until you’ve indulged in a Mexican local´s favorite street stand. I was blown away from my first taco fresh from a street vender´s hot stove. A hot, freshly made tortilla filled with tender…

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